Yes, we are driving not only forward, but upwards!

HASHWallet, The most secure hardwallet. Be in control.

We are extremely excited to announce a new HASHWallet, completely rethought and reengineered. Sure it does look nice, but it works even nicer. The combination of design and engineering boosts HASHWallet to a whole new level while keeping the core concepts of security and privacy intact.

3.1-inch display: a bigger screen for consistent validations

The large, 3.1-inch e-ink display stands out at first glance. This fast refresh rate, flexible, higher resolution screen is not only meant for better visibility or aesthetics but is part of our commitment to security throughout the WYSIWYS (what you see is what you sign) property. This way, you can be confident that requests come from the right source unaltered.

Some of the specifications of this new display are:

  • 3.1-inch diagonal screen, big enough to display entirely long addresses (such as XLM) in a single view.
  • Faster refresh rates for a smooth visualisation.
  • 105 PPI pixel density high resolution.
  • Ultra-thin (only 460 µm thick).

A recovery process that adapts to user’s needs

To help bring peace of mind, HASHWallet comes paired with a Recovery Card and a free lifetime eSignus account. This way, you can securely store your key and seed in a convenient, absolutely secret, indecipherable way.

Our system is now compatible with the BIP39 standard that allows more advanced users the recovery using the 24-word passphrase. Now you can choose the recovery method that better suits your needs.

Options include:

  • Default HASHWallet Recovery System (paired with your eSignus account)
  • Store the key and the seed in different Recovery Cards
  • Save both keys in the same Recovery Card.
  • Industry-standard 24-words passphrase

Upgraded components for even more security

HASHWallet is conceived with quality and security by design. Both HASHWallet and the ISO/IEC 7810 compliant Recovery Card now operate with the upgraded Infineon SLE78 secure element chip with an EAL6+ certification. Together with the FPC1321 T-Shape Biometric sensor (fingerprint reader) and the ST25 NFC transceiver, our world-class components provide unmatched flawless security and performance.

Last but not least, we managed to fit all these features in a 1-mm thick card to preserve the credit card user experience. Yes, you’ve read that right, we have almost halved the thickness of our previous design!

Community driven development: Goodbye limitations; hello HOLa!

Our UX team and software engineers are continually improving an experience-rich, user-friendly, and robust application. Operations like the device initialisation, crypto transactions, wallet administration, and recovery process become much more convenient and hassle-free. But we are willing to go even further of what you might expect from a crypto management application.

We want to engage with developers and collaborators worldwide and help them build and distribute their own HASHWallet solutions by releasing an open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) that takes full advantage of all the device’s potential. With this SDK, we will tighten our community’s strong bond and widen the spectrum of HASHWallet use cases while creating new exciting features and enhancing capabilities. We want to see this not as software development but as a strong community philosophy that will benefit you, the end-user.

To dodge security breaches due to intended abuse or surfacing bugs, in addition to the SDK, our engineers are refining a unique macros interpreter named HASHWallet Operation Language, aka HOLa (“Hello”, in Spanish) that communicates securely with the device. Worldwide collaborators will construct sequences of instructions that will be openly verifiable by the community. The defined procedure is signed with the eSignus private key to ensure that it hasn’t been altered by anyone, therefore, making this system absolutely transparent and secure at the same time.

But this mechanism was not meant only for custom operations. With this method, HASHWallet can process any transaction (BTC, ETH, LTC, ADA, DOGE, you name it!) without the need for definitions previously installed. With the implementation of HOLa, HASHWallet becomes the world’s first future-proof non-programmable hardware wallet that can securely operate with virtually any cryptocurrency without the need for a risky firmware update.

We will deliver more in-depth information about technical specifications, use scenarios and collaboration guidelines in upcoming updates.

The new HASHWallet is not a simple product redesign; it is not just a skin change. These upgrades are the results of responding to your valuable feedback and reinforcing our privacy-and-security-first culture. We are committed to continual improvement, engagement, and innovation to achieve stable growth and a more robust symbiosis with you and developers. We believe that adaptation is a crucial practice for us to stand fit in this ever-evolving world.

eSignus is a consultancy firm experienced in the financial, technology and crypto security sectors. We run HASHWallet, the most secure hardwallet in the market.