We are starting a new stage!

Why are we closing the crowdfunding campaign?

We have achieved all our goals in this campaign and we cannot thank you enough for your support in all the journey that has been developing HASHWallet. As we will have enough cards to provide all our backers in the ongoing manufacturing process, we have decided to close the second batch on-demand campaign focusing on the manufacture of YOUR HASHWallet.

What is the current status?

What is going to happen?

All our backers from the Indiegogo campaign will receive their wallets in this batch. We expect to receive the final lamination testing first week of November. At this stage, we will share the results with you and give an accurate delivery date.

What can you do now?

We count on you to join us on this journey towards accomplishing decentralized concepts and frictionless financial freedom. However, we understand that someone may no longer wait for us. For those who request a full refund, we kindly ask you to make the reimbursement request through the contribution detail screen of the Indiegogo account. We ask this as a security and transparency measure. If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through our email at hello@gethashwallet.com.

What’s new?

As you know, services and solutions in the Crypto environment are evolving very quickly. All those changes are exciting but also opportunities to improve and provide more value to our community. We are aware of that, and we have been working on tools that will enhance the HASHWallet ecosystem and, therefore, you. Our goal would be to involve you as a key part, to validate and prioritize those improvements in our products.



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