We are starting a new stage!

After a long and rewarding journey on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, we have decided that it was time for us to end this stage and start a new one with even more enthusiasm and strength.

Why are we closing the crowdfunding campaign?

What is the current status?

The actual batch is in process of testing, so we can ensure that all the electronics of the card are working properly after the lamination and that the finishing of the card is according to our quality standards. We hope to share some videos soon of the testing and to provide you as soon as possible the final schedule for sending the HASHWallets.

As you might hear in the news, currently, there is a shortage of semiconductors worldwide. Lead times and prices of components are skyrocketing and this will affect us directly for the next batches. This could have had an impact on the backer of the second batch, so that’s another main reason to close the campaign and serve all the wallets in the current batch.

What is going to happen?

Meanwhile, we are committed to sharing with you all our improvements in the App, the roadmap for Q4 2021, and what to expect of new features in 2022.

For the next HASHWallet batches and because of the components shortage, we are well aware that there will be a very limited amount of them in 2022. Partners and resellers could easily fulfill all the manufacturing capabilities that we will have in 2022, but we would like to put our community and backers first. We are going to open a Waiting List for those interested in a new HASHWallet and if you are one of our actual backers or referred by one of them, will have special benefits and preference on purchasing the device when the delivery time is closed.

Our main channels will continue to be open, so we strongly suggest you, please join us to stay updated. You may join our Telegram community at https://t.me/hashwallet.

What can you do now?

What’s new?

As a spot example of our Continuous Improvement Culture, we have recently announced a specially designed charger for the HASHWallet to increase charge speed. Obviously, these types of improvements are delivered with no additional cost to our backers.

Keep in touch!

Thank you.

Daniel Hernández
eSignus CEO



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