Season greetings from the HASHWallet team

3 min readDec 17, 2021

Dear HASHWallet supporter,

Late last month, we received the final testing batch of HASHWallets. After intensive trials and a couple of adjustments, we are super excited to smash the long-awaited production button!

What took so long?

We are fully aware that the conception of a functional HASHWallet has taken more than we first expected. Besides restrictions due to the pandemic, a worldwide shortage of semiconductors, and global logistics complications, HASHWallet production involved unprecedented challenges and complexities due to its unparalleled combination of technical and conceptual performance. As stated by our partners, HASHWallet is a device unlike anything ever produced before. Perhaps we were a bit ambitious with this whole project, but we couldn’t aim any lower, not within the momentum we gained thanks to your continued support and the promising results we were obtaining.

How much does the manufacturing take?

Due to its complex nature, the manufacturing process requires the precise coordination of first-class partners located across the globe. If no unforeseen events occur, this process may take approximately three months.

What has been happening during this time?

Well, a hell of a lot.

As we shared in our summer-recap update, everyone in the HASHWallet team has been non-stop. We improved device performance, designed a custom charger, received awards and acclaim from institutions and investment firms, traveled around Europe, and finally presented HASHWallet at the TRUSTECH 2021 global event in Paris, which was an eye-opening experience.

This event brings together the world’s leading companies in the payment and digital identity industry, components, and card manufacturing sector. Jaw dropped live attendees were awed to see a fully functional HASHWallet performing seamlessly.

Presenting HASHWallet at the TRUSTECH 2021 event. Paris — France.

HASHWallet was undoubtedly the most technologically and functionally advanced device presented at the show.

What about the HW Manager app?

The Manager App development is equally complex as we’ve put massive effort into usability and security details. To begin with, we’ve created an application that seamlessly handles multiple devices that operate with as many wallets as needed. We are now delighted to share a stable core version with the essential functionalities to start a strictly voluntary joint validation program with you. To do so, we will ship to you, absolutely free of charge, a simpler, equally secure sibling of HASHWallet, that will streamline testing processes: the HASHWallet Link.

Introducing HASHWallet Link

Unlike its big brother, HASHWallet Link has no display or FPS and communicates with your mobile device entirely via NFC, making device pairing a breeze. Although there are some conceptual differences between the two cards, HASHWallet Link also operates on HOLa, and you can simultaneously manage both HASHWallet and HASHWallet Link with the same Manager App installed on your smartphone. For example, you can use HASHWallet to handle your hodling accounts and the HASHWallet Link for more active scenarios such as your day-trading or NFTs.

Further updates will share detailed information concerning the Manager App testing program and the new HASHWallet LINK, its functionalities, and use cases.

Although there have been some difficulties and challenges this year, 2021 has been an intense and productive year. Thanks to your support and continued encouragement, we want to share how thrilled we are to see HASHWallet as a reality.

We feel proud and privileged that we are all together in this constantly evolving world. On behalf of eSignus, we hope you have a happy Holiday season and an excellent 2022.

Daniel Hernández
eSignus CEO




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