How to protect cryptocurrencies with the highest level of security

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There are many reasons why users choose to perform their operations through cryptocurrencies: having total control of their crypto assets without the involvement of any institution, privacy in the entire process of managing their assets, agility and low cost of transaction… and of course, security. But this time, the only guarantor of security is the user himself. With great power comes great responsibility; since we become our own bank, we are responsible for providing all the resources to guard our crypto actives with the highest level of security.

  1. Use a hardware wallet. These are the devices that offer the highest protection, as they incorporate their own security measures. Hardware wallets fall into the category of Cold Wallets because although they can communicate with other devices or resources, they cannot be affected by external signals.
  2. Always apply 2FA. Two-step verification is not only a recommended practice but necessary for the least secure operating environment. In this case, it’s not so much about protecting the crypto assets themselves but rather about preventing identity and personal data theft.
  3. Ensure the protection of your keys. One of the advantages of hardware wallets is that they allow you to sign transactions without having your private keys leave the device. HASHWallet incorporates public-private key technology: when the card is first initialized, it generates the key pairs randomly and not based on any seed. The private key is kept inside without anyone knowing it, not even the user. Thus, what is not known and inaccessible is impossible to steal.
  4. Validate transactions in a completely secure environment. The user must keep total control of his operations in each one of its stages. HASHWallet follows the philosophy “what you see is what you sign”, since the user always visualizes and confirms his operations through his large e-ink screen, without any possibility of impersonation or fraud. Besides, confirmation is performed through a fingerprint reader integrated into the card itself.
  5. Choose a non-programmable device. This feature makes it impossible to copy or alter its contents. When malicious actors cannot modify the firmware or any other data of the wallet, we obtain a higher degree of security.
  6. Have an effective key recovery mechanism. Endless lists of words on a sheet of paper are not entirely secure, and they can also be lost. Users need new tools to prevent the loss of their cryptocurrencies, a method that assures the recovery of their crypto assets in case of losing their hardware wallet.

So, being the guardian of your digital assets is a challenge that requires new tools. In eSignus, we have developed a complete solution that responds to the needs of those who seek the highest grade of security for cryptocurrencies.

About HASHWallet

HASHWallet is a hardware wallet that is based on an innovative technology deployed on a smart card that allows the user to authenticate or sign a transaction, in a secure environment that avoids any risk of impersonation and the possibility of fraud.

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eSignus is a consultancy firm experienced in the financial, technology and crypto security sectors. We run HASHWallet, the most secure hardwallet in the market.

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