HASHWallet project update: new product features, and yes, new timing

What are we dealing with

  • On March 15, Spain and other European countries declared an absolute lockdown that lasted 99 days, setting further restrictions that still affect us at this time.
  • Major component suppliers all over the world are experiencing significant problems in their operations and are unable to deliver critical components on scheduled dates.
  • Several legal and administrative procedures suffered continuous delays, also affected by the obstacles that the COVID-19 is causing.

How do we counter these challenges?

  • We’ve closed a financing round of 500k to strengthen our financial capabilities.
  • The team has grown to mitigate as much as we can the delays from the hardware side.
  • We took these delays to improve the product and implement some of your valuable design feedback we have been receiving throughout the process.
  • We have worked with new alliances and partnerships that will continually increase supported tokens.

And now, the good news

  • HASHWallet will have a 3.1″ display. A wider display is more convenient when reading the transactions and offers a better overall user experience.
  • We have changed the display component supplier to Plastic Logic. With this partnership, we will be able to deliver a bigger screen, better refresh rate, quality, and reliability.
  • The recovery system will be compatible with the BIP39 standard. Words, Recovery Cards, eSignus Vault? You will have more options to configure the recovery system to your own needs.
  • More security in the Recovery Cards. We have redesigned the recovery card to include a secure element, the SLE78 from Infineon with an EAL6+ certification, to enhance the security of the recovery elements stored.
  • The smartcard will also include the SLE78 and the ST25 transceiver, to improve the security in NFC communications, and provide new capabilities to the HASHWallet for future payment use cases.
  • HASHWallet will use new macros to generate the instructions full-stack, so a new coin only needs a macro definition to be used. This upgrade is a straightforward way to support new currencies with very little memory so that you can use an unlimited amount of coins with your new HASHWallet.
We are rebuilding our hardware wallet. A new design and features will be revealed soon!



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