HASHWallet production update. Presenting HASHWallet LINK.

4 min readApr 26, 2022

Dear HASHWallet Community,

After intensive testing yielded expected results, we announced the start of HASHWallet production at the end of last year. It was a moment of joy for all of us as we could finally deliver our supporters the long-awaited shipping date, estimated Q3 or early Q4.

Unfortunately, the unavailability of critical electronic components has forced us to suspend the entire manufacturing process. In other words, the supply expectations of our components manufacturers have not been met. One of our key partners has publicly stated that they will try to catch up by this year or well into 2023. We have made great efforts to ensure the supply of these components but have come up against a global problem that affects everyone equally.

At this time, we are assessing the options we have: wait for our suppliers to stock up, or redesign the device to support different components, as long as the quality and security standards of these elements are met. However, for either option, we do not have the required information to forecast an accurate timeline right now.

HASHWallet in action

What has been happening?

The evolution of HASHWallet

It is not the first time a problem beyond our control has jeopardized production. The coronavirus pandemic postponed the manufacture of the first version back in late 2020. However, during that period of industrial hiatus, our team managed to redesign and upgrade the device entirely. HASHWallet now features a larger screen and overall better components, we have fixed and improved battery performance, and created a unique operating language, HOLa, that we truly believe is a game-changer. We have made these important changes and improvements, at a much higher cost, while maintaining the price for our supporters, as HASHWallet will be priced higher in the market, with an estimated retail price of 450 euros.

With the current shortage crisis, we have also been working on a new family of products, aiming to reduce complexity.

We have created a simpler and more agile version of HASHWallet while fully maintaining its safety features. We have created HASHWallet LINK.


As we announced in December, HASHWallet LINK comes without a display or fingerprint sensor. It connects to the Manager App through NFC, offering faster device pairings and a smooth user experience while keeping everything in a secure environment.

HASHWallet LINK is engineered to easily integrate with third-party applications, allowing exchanges, fintech companies, or any blockchain project to issue their own hardware wallet. There is also no limitation on the number of wallets you can create, and, thanks to HOLa, it can support unlimited tokens without upgrading the card firmware. In addition, HASHWallet LINK can sign any PKI-based transaction, allowing it to be used as two-factor authentication (2FA) on any platform that requires security enhancement.

Scanning our first HASHWallet LINK
Creating a wallet, receiving and sending funds with HASHWallet LINK

What is going to happen?

Our Indiegogo campaign not only gave us an initial boost to our project but also brought us together with a supportive community. Our project is warmly endorsed by those whom we consider our most valuable product showcase for our partners and investors. We would like to acknowledge their continuing support and patience with a fully functional HASHWallet LINK card (with an approximate retail value of 80 Euros) that, being industrially less demanding, is managing to bypass some of the obstacles of the current situation. We insist on pointing out that this gift does not replace the delivery of the original HASHWallet to be sent to our backers. We will publish the roadmap of the new HASHWallet LINK once we have defined it together with our partners and suppliers.

Since the beginning of the HASHWallet project, the world has experienced many challenging events. Despite these trying times, we’ve been able to keep up and improve every aspect of our product: the device, the HW Manager App, and connecting services. We are happy to see that what was once just a promising idea has become an outstanding example of cutting-edge technology. The great acclaim of HASHWallet at the TRUSTECH 2021 event in Paris or the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas are some successful milestones accomplished that we would like to share proudly.

It wouldn’t be honest to say that it is an easy path to follow as we continuously have to overcome obstacles and weather unforeseen events. However, thanks to the support and the strong encouragement from our campaign backers, partners, team, and investors, we have never felt overwhelmed by these adversities.

Thank you.


Daniel Hernández

CEO eSignus




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