HASHWallet has entered in the Arrow Certification Program

What is the Arrow Certification Program?

The Arrow Certification Program is a partnership between Arrow and Indiegogo that gives entrepreneurs the necessary tools and services to bring their product ideas to life.

HASHWallet has entered in the Arrow Certification Program from Arrow and Indiegogo. The eSignus engineering team is working with Arrow to ensure we build the most secure hardware wallet. HASHWallet is an Arrow Certified product!

Since HASHWallet has received the “Arrow Certified Technology” badge, it means that the engineers of ArrowGlobal have assessed our project and evaluated it as feasible for manufacturing.

This happens to be our biggest achievement so far since we have been endorsed and certified by Arrow it shows that HASHWallet is going to be one of the top innovative technology in the crypto space.

We believe in the idea of innovation and revolution and our main focus is on the revolution of hardware wallet which is achievable and doable.

The Arrow badge gives the buyer a lot of confidence in the product because Arrow asses our design and have given it proof, authenticity and validity.

Arrow would be able to make recommendations to advance our development process in the right direction from finalizing our design, building prototypes, setting up our supply chain to full production; Arrow has resources to help at any stage of our product’s lifecycle.

The Certification eligibility is based on a review of the feasibility of the product’s design, authenticity, and viability of the bill of materials. In IoT/cloud-based software only ideas, documented development and detailed product requirements are necessary to get our Technology Arrow Certified.

What are the benefits of Arrow Certification?

Arrow will not directly help in selling our product. However, for campaigns with Arrow Certified Technology, Arrow will provide marketing support by including HASHWallet in Arrow.com promotions. Over 3,400 entrepreneurs have joined the Arrow Certification Program to get access to benefits from Arrow and Indiegogo.

Arrow is awarding top Indiegogo campaigns with Arrow Certified Technology cash awards to help launch the products.

Campaigns in the Arrow Certification Program on average raise 87% more funds than campaigns that are not in the program.

Campaigns in the Arrow Certification Program upon launch on average are 4x more likely to achieve their goal.

About HASHWallet

HASHWallet is a hardware wallet that is based on an innovative technology deployed on a smart card that allows the user to authenticate or sign a transaction, in a secure environment that avoids any risk of impersonation and the possibility of fraud.

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eSignus is a consultancy firm experienced in the financial, technology and crypto security sectors. We run HASHWallet, the most secure hardwallet in the market.

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