HASHWallet hardware wallet will securely store Pteria tokens.

Pteria is changing the gaming industry with an NFT system that delivers a new way to reward gamers with non-fungible tokens and enable monetisation without directly playing the game. Pteria has drawn influential media and gamers’ attention with its NTF reward automation processes and a transparent DAO governance system from its recent beginning. To securely store and stake Pterias, eSignusHASHWallet will integrate this revolutionary token out of the box.

The Pteria token is a governance token within a decentralised autonomous organisation with which holders take an active part in all the processes through proposals and vote, with a token-vote correlation. Having started their roadmap in January 2021, this deflationary token has already burnt almost 90K out of their limited maximum supporting unique projects such as Wallem. Focused on the flourishing and prosperous gaming industry, the Aragon protocol based DAO has been integrated into the Wallem AR events platform, and it will now enable users to store their obtained Pterias in HASHWallet securely.

HASHWallet is a next-generation hardware wallet developed based on the security by design (SbD) approach. It features a large e-ink display and a biometric sensor to block any impersonation or fraud attempt and a smartphone application that provides a secure and easy-to-use device interaction experience.

Being a non-programmable device, HASHWallet runs on a unique system based on macros named HOLa (HASHWallet Operation Language). HOLa delivers transparent and openly verifiable signing and support mechanisms that make HASHWallet the world’s first hardware wallet capable of supporting potentially any cryptocurrency or token without the need for a risky firmware upgrade.

HASHWallet also offers a set of convenient recovery processes that includes storing, through an absolutely secret and indecipherable way, encrypted parts of the private key in a Recovery Card and in a lifetime free eSignus account. For the advanced user, HASHWallet is also compatible with the BIP39 standard allowing the recovery of a wallet using the conventional 24-word passphrase.

These sets of high-level security features come together with strategical partnerships with world-leading firms like Jelurida, Changelly or Simplex, allowing HASHWallet users to purchase and sell crypto-assets seamlessly within the application and with the added security layer that HASHWallet offers.

The rapid-paced adoption of blockchain in the gaming industry provides innovations for players and releasers alike. The opportunities are countless but so are the risks of storing the rewarded crypto-assets inadequately. With this new alliance, Pteria holders will benefit from the convenience and adaptability that HASHWallet provides.

eSignus is a consultancy firm experienced in the financial, technology and crypto security sectors. We run HASHWallet, the most secure hardwallet in the market.

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