HASHWallet development update #01

The eSignus development team continues to deliver on the planned schedule. In this series of articles, we will keep our community updated on every step we take and on the progress of the HASHWallet project.

Following HASHWallet’s testing and adjustment schedule, we have just hit another milestone. Let’s see the stages as a whole.

Product development stages

  1. HASHWallet specifications — ✓ Done
  2. Prototyping — ✓ Done
    a. Functional equipment (no final form factor) — ✓ Done
    b. Final form factor nonfunctional devices for strength tests — ✓ Done
  3. Prototyping tests.
    a. Functional tests — ✓ Done
    - JTAG firmware installation and debugging
    - BLE firmware uploading through a bootloader.
    b. Strength tests and display adjustments — » » In progress
  4. Beta devices (credit card form factor) manufacturing.
    a. Beta devices tests.
    b. BLE firmware uploading through a bootloader.
  5. Beta HASHWallets sent to beta-testers.
  6. Adjustments correction from tests.
  7. Specifications redesign.
  8. Beta two manufacturing. Credit card form factor.
  9. Second beta tests after HASHWallet redesign.
  10. Final adjustment.
  11. Factory manufacturing with no reprogrammable firmware.

We received the first functional equipment some weeks ago, before the crowdfunding launch, and have injected and debugged the first firmware version.

In the second half of May, we will begin the developments to allow staking in the appropriate blockchains.

We are just now testing the structural resistance of the credit card form factor HASHWallet, and soon will release videos on some operations on the web. However, at this point, the cards are not used in a stand-alone format but the debugging setup. Once the cards pass these tests, we will manufacture 200 cards. Those cards will still allow the firmware update so that we can adjust to the indications of the beta-testers. In the next step, we will manufacture the final devices for a second test.

Finally, once the beta-testers confirm the HASHWallet’s correct behaviour, we will manufacture them without the ability to modify the firmware.

What limitations does a card that does not allow you to modify the firmware have for its evolution?

From the feedback observed in social networks, it seems that users believe that to incorporate new currencies and functionalities, they will have to buy a new HASHWallet. We want to clarify that this is not correct. The functionality of HASHWallet is neither based on Apps, nor on reinstalling the firmware. It is based on the design of macroinstructions to indicate the operations of the microprocessor and the secure element.

We have developed the process into two phases:

  1. To design the structure of each transaction.
  2. To include the data to carry them out.

For this, we need to store in HASHWallet the structure for each operation, but it is not required to modify the firmware. For both, transactions designed from the HASHWallet Manager or third-party integrations. Only we need to pass the operation type and the parameters.

Will there be future operations that cannot be carried out?

It could be possible. If developers design systems using cryptographic functions not included in the secure element, we will need to manufacture a new HASHWallet version, but that would also happen with other market players.

If you have any questions about our developments and the functionalities of the device or would like to take part in our beta testing program, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Stay tuned for further HASHWallet development updates. Thank you for all your support.

eSignus is a consultancy firm experienced in the financial, technology and crypto security sectors. We run HASHWallet, the most secure hardwallet in the market.

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