HASHWallet campaign update June 2021

4 min readJun 21, 2021

Dear HASHWallet Supporter,

We are reaching the goal of a quest we started almost three years ago. We’ve overcome obstacles along this journey: from uncertainties of an ever-changing crypto market to resolving technical challenges that nobody had dealt with before, with a special mention to COVID-19 and its worldwide effects at all scales.

Every innovation process is a continuous discovery of opportunities, limitations, possibilities, and challenges. But above all, a valuable learning process. We are aware that the HASHWallet project is enriched with the contributions and experiences of people like you: our Founders. Therefore, we would like to express our most profound appreciation for your continued support.

In the last months, the HASHWallet project has won several awards, such as EntrepreneurXXI held by one of Spain’s leading banks, LaCaixa, and featured in the world’s biggest Digital Transformation event DES-MADRID. These awards follow the one achieved in the prestigious INCIBE 2020 competition as Spain’s most innovative cybersecurity project. As a result, our product has drawn the attention of many investors and institutions. These recognitions raise our confidence regarding the approaches taken, and we believe that also reinforces the main concepts of our product. In addition, we have established solid and exciting partnerships with industry leaders such as the Canadian firm RevoluGroup and token developers Jelurida. We have also started conversations to allow MetaMask users to operate with HASHWallet.

Meanwhile, HASHWallet was being developed and tested in our facilities with advanced custom prototypes. As we have been notifying, each stress test had successful and promising outcomes. By the end of May, we were expecting to receive fully functional inlays from our card manufacturer, the danish firm CardLab, before heading to the final steps: the laminating process and packaging. The first batch came out, and we couldn’t have been more excited to start testing each of the operations in an actual device. Unfortunately, the results did not come as expected.

We detected insufficient peak current intensity generated by the battery to guarantee the correct execution and visualization of some of the hardware’s internal processes. Although we have successfully identified the origin of the problem and we are working tirelessly to solve it, we have to admit that this is an unacceptable drawback that blocks us from delivering our product on the established dates of the end of this month. Consequently, once we discovered this issue, we decided to pause production and analyze the best options to counteract this problem. Together with our manufacturer, we are currently testing and certifying the correct functioning of the delivering device. As a result, we will need to go through the mounting and lamination process of the product with some new components.

We honestly hoped that this problem could have been resolved within a reasonable time window but, regrettably, the truth has been different. We are aware that we could not keep you waiting any longer for an update, even if it is not encouraging, and we commit ourselves to keep you informed on any new developments and notify new shipping dates as soon as we receive the final schedule from our providers.

Since we started this journey, each crowdfunding member has shown us an unexpected level of encouragement, understanding, and support. We are a few steps away from delivering a successful product, indisputably improved from our first concepts, and we genuinely believe that most of what we have achieved is thanks to people like you.

Sadly, hardware manufacturing is an enormous challenge. There are thousands of internal parts that need precise orchestration. We share the same frustration these announcements bring to you. Nevertheless, we also share the same enthusiasm for things performed correctly, keeping quality and our users’ security as our primary target, and a long-term commitment to continuous improvement.

We accept the concerns of our backers, and we are committed to offering a full refund to those who solicit it. As a security measure, we kindly ask applicants to contact us through their contribution details screen in their Indiegogo profile following the instructions below or by sending us an email to hello@gethashwallet.com, as we will be glad to assist you.

We further open our available channels to resolve your concerns and feedback and closely listen to your ideas and suggestions. Once again, as we have always stated, we feel truly blessed and thankful for all of your invaluable support.

The HASHWallet Team




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