HASHWallet LINK Silver — Founders’ edition

eSignus launches HASHWallet Link, a new smartcard to securely store cryptoassets



The blockchain and cybersecurity consultancy eSignus is proud to announce the launch of his first hardware wallet, HASHWallet Link. A highly secured and yet convenient solution in the shape of a smart card to store and manage any kind of cryptocurrency.

Comfortable like a soft wallet, secure like a cold wallet, is the most precise definition of an HASHWallet Link card. It’s the little sister of the HASHWallet smartcards family, but fully maintaining all its safety features and easyness. With this first device, eSignus is fulfilling its goal to promote the mass adoption of a decentralized economy.

As a non-programmable device, the HASHWallet Link card does not need firmware updates. It works like any authentication and signature device in which the keys never leave the card (it is an air-gapped hardware wallet that communicates via NFC). And users can always request a duplicate of their card to have a backup copy.

HASHWallet Manager

The HASHWallet Link smartcard comes with the easy-to-use mobile App HASHWallet Manager. A complete softwallet that allows users to manage, visualize and interact with their crypto-assets portfolio in an effortless, secure way. From an unmatched onboarding experience, intuitive crypto transactions, and a hassle-free wallet recovery system with the HASHWallet Manager App, users will always have control of what’s going on.

The HASHWallet card connects to the Manager App through NFC, offering faster device pairings and a smooth user experience while keeping everything in a secure environment. It also features WalletConnect, a wide used protocol that allows to easily connect with the many DApps of decentralized finance (DeFi).

HASHWallet Manager provides the most common trading and managing functionalities such as buy, sell, swap, send and receive funds. The App is already available for Android and iOS devices.

HASHWallet Link Cobalt

HOLa: HASHWallet Operation Language

HASHWallet was conceived as a non-programmable device to protect the device from external attacks. As a result, HASHWallet’s firmware cannot be upgraded. In order to avoid future enhancements or to support new currencies without firmware upgrades, eSignus has created HOLa.

HOLa stands for HASHWallet Operation Language and, in turn, means “Hello!” in Spanish. In a nutshell, HOLa is the programming language with which HASHWallet operates by interpreting a securely signed series of low-level instructions. This way, just updating the app we can add new features and support more cryptocurrencies without reprogramming the hardware wallet.

Presently, HOLa supports a wide range of assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tron… and any ERC-20 and BEP-20 token, and plans to increase the number of currencies in the near future.

eSignus Backup Center

eSignus Backup Center is a cloud vault service that securely stores some elements that allows HASHWallet’s users a safe backup and a funds recovery solution.

When using a HASHWallet smart card, user only need to worry about the transactions , but neither about security or recovery issues nor their wallets’ setup. Everything is stored securely in a distributed organization. Security in accessing the eSignus Backup Center is a cornerstone of HASHWallet, so nobody but the user himself can access it in any circumstance. HASHWallet uses a passwordless system based on an email or a phone number verification.

HASHWallet Link, now available for sale

The HASHWallet Link is already available for purchasing in the eSignus on-line store. There are two product kinds: HASHWallet Link Silver is the first special Founders’ edition with an initial limited stock, while HASHWallet Link Cobalt is the regular smart card.

Besides, there is a special offer for early buyers: the first 500 orders enjoy a special 10% discount when purchasing more than one card.

About eSignus

eSignus is a consulting cybersecurity company experienced in the financial, technology, and crypto security sectors. The company provides digital and crypto assets custody Web3 solutions including hardware wallets and digital identity management. eSignus facilitates the integration of the decentralized economy into business environments at global scale.




eSignus is a consultancy firm experienced in the financial, technology and crypto security sectors. We run HASHWallet, the most secure hardwallet in the market.