The summer of 2021 has come to an end. An unusually hot, non-stop summer.

Daniel Hernández presenting HASHWallet at the “Investors Day EmprendedorXXI”.

We had an incredible start this July with a tweet from London’s Daily Finance and news from BestStartup EU, selecting us as one of the [Top FinTech](, [Top Security](, and [Top Blockchain]( Startups in Spain. A…

After a long and rewarding journey on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, we have decided that it was time for us to end this stage and start a new one with even more enthusiasm and strength.

Why are we closing the crowdfunding campaign?

We have achieved all our goals in this campaign and we cannot thank you enough…

An introduction to HASHWallet’s operation language.

This article introduces a series of posts that we will be sharing to explain HASHWallet’s operation language: HOLa.

HOLa (pronounced with a silent h, “o-la”) stands for HASHWallet Operation Language and, in turn, means “Hello!” in Spanish. In a nutshell, HOLa is the programming language with which HASHWallet operates by…

eSignus partners with Changelly and Simplex

As we have always stated, we believe that unity is strength. We seek relationships with leading firms to nurture our professionalism, transparency and security-first business culture and to reinforce our commitment to quality and client satisfaction. …

Dear friends,

We are closing a year that marked our lives.

We saw a deadly virus span into a worldwide pandemic; we lost some of our venerated icons and loved ones; we witnessed cities burn, and our hearts broke watching neighbours fight against each other. We have seen a global…


eSignus is a consultancy firm experienced in the financial, technology and crypto security sectors. We run HASHWallet, the most secure hardwallet in the market.

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